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Twelve Types of Sales Call Reluctance

  Habitual worrier, always anticipating the worst-case scenario and usually turning it into a valid reason for not attempting the sale at all.
  Over-analyses but under acts, using information gathering, organisation and preparation as a crutch rather than a tool. An encyclopedia of information – with no one to present it to! An over-preparing manager will produce and over-preparing sales team.
  Obsessed with image and looking good. Acquiring business becomes secondary to cultivating an image of professionalism and credibility.
Stage Fright:
  Fears (and often avoids) opportunities to present to groups. When unavoidable, group presentations tend to suffer from a stiffness and hesitation not usually present in their one-to-one sales technique.
Role Rejection:
  Has an unresolved and often unexpressed sense of guilt or shame associated with being in sales. Prefers their sales role to be disguised with a deflected identity, such as ‘Account Manager‘, ‘Consultant’, or ‘Adviser’.
  Fears being considered intrusive or pushy, and therefore hesitates to close at all stages of the selling cycle. Likely to cope by ‘waiting for just the right time’, and by elevating rapport-building above closing.
Socially Self-Conscious:
  Hesitates to initiate contact with higher-level prospective clients. Habitually intimidated by persons of higher status or wealth, or senior level decision-makers if selling business to business.
  Reluctant to contact personal friends to sell, network or get referrals, even if friends are an available, appropriate part of the target market.
Emotionally Unemancipated:
  Reluctant to contact relatives to sell, network or get referrals, even if family members (or their contacts) are an available, appropriate part of the target market.
Referral Aversion:
  Potentially lucrative referrals are sacrificed due to an unfounded fear of jeopardising current relationships or offending clients by asking for them.
  Fears using the telephone as a sales tool. Energy is then typically spent on less effective forms of contact that do not require using the phone.
Oppositional Reflex:
  Always arguing, blaming and fault-finding. Tends to reject constructive criticism and feedback, and are therefore difficult to manage, coach and advise.


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